Why Should You Not Buy Instagram Likes And Followers?

Why Should You Not Buy Instagram Likes And Followers?

Be it an easy-going school pupil or a hotshot of college, a pleasing food blogger or a charismatic fashionista, everyone is spellbound under the charm of Instagram likes and followers. Even the startups and flourished One Search Pro Malaysia businesses/brands are not behind in the race. We all, knowingly or unknowingly, keep an eye on the number of hearts and comments we get on our posts. It is not just an obsession or a trend but an unsaid sad competition. The battle has reached a level where ‘buying’ likes, comments, followers and everything has become an actual thing. But, have you ever pondered upon the dark side of this fake world? 

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Is buying comments and followers a real thing on social media?

The answer is plain and one word- YES! The hype of being followed and liked is dancing on our heads so much that we are ready to even fake them out. We are living in a world where views, comments, follow backs and promotions are selling out like hotcakes. One can get umpteenth results when typed, ‘buy Instagram likes and followers’, on Google.  They are all put on such catchy sales and in attractive packages that lures one to click on ‘buy’ without giving a second thought. And there begins the loop of buying and selling.

Reasons for not buying fake likes and followers

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Reasons for not buying fake likes and followers

All that glitters is not gold and this perfectly applies to the bogus concept of buying Instagram likes and followers.  You can buy and blow up the number of views on your profiles but to your gentle reminder, doing so is only short-lived amazement. Read below to face the music behind this insincere world.

  • Wastage of resources

A lot of time, money, effort and other resources are invested in buying followers and likes. It brings a lot of traffic on your pages but only temporarily as it needs to be renewed time and again. A smart business never puts its vital resources on fleeting benefits which are certain to fall tomorrow. 

  • Degrades brand image

People stick with loyalty and authenticity. Mock views and followers are like traces of pungent smell which are sure to get noticed sooner or later. Your indulgence in fake activities is sure to tarnish your image among both existing and potential visitors. Hence, staying authentic is rather the key to get more views. 

  • Invites penalties

To promote realism, Instagram in 2018 inserted the clause of removing “fake” likes, comments, views and followers. To boost up the trust of its users, Instagram holds up the authority to ‘shadowban’ or even ‘outrightly ban’ accounts having fake actions. It also comes up with the cost of getting your username blocked forever and restricting your IP address. 

You have a smart audience and vigilant competitors and you can’t fool them for long with the bought up popularity. Using Instagram honestly not only ties up your relationship with customers and clients but also strengthens them in the long run. Buying viewers is a coax but also a hoax. Stop buying! Stay genuine! Stay active!