Which baby monitor to buy? See 6 models that are worth your investment

Which baby monitor to buy? See 6 models that are worth your investment

With the preparation for the baby’s arrival, many items are placed on the layette list as essential baby journey review, such as bodies, bath towels, stroller, changing tables and others. But with the excitement to buy the child’s first clothes, for example, some parents may forget about electronics that facilitate motherhood and fatherhood.

This is the case with the baby monitor, which is a great tool to monitor the little one, whether in the early hours of sleep or even during the day, while he rests between feedings and parents can take the opportunity to devote to other things in the house.

However, the constant growth of the electronic market can make it difficult to research which camera to buy. Too many options! With that in mind, a list have been made of six models that may be worth the investment, according to what your priorities are.

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The best baby monitor should have maximum quality in the basic features already mentioned http://babyjourney.net/, but one thing that can define the X or Y model as the best of the year, are the extra functions.

But, what are these extra functions? What can you have besides everything is already mentioned? 

This is the list of the most common extra functions, see: 

Motion Sensor: This feature is very cool, especially for the most demanding parents, since some baby monitors are able to capture even different breathing patterns of their baby. It may seem overkill to have a motion sensor, but this feature can prevent major accidents like suffocations and even falls, detecting only if the baby has turned, for example. 

Night Vision: Night vision is perfect for those moments when you wake up at night, and you want to know if everything is fine with the baby, without necessarily having to go to him. Since with infrared light you can see everything, even in the dark. 

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Temperature / Humidity Meter: But, than protecting the baby’s safety while the parents are not around, these devices can also help in protecting the child’s health. Since they can easily inform the temperature and even the humidity present in the environment. 

Bidirectional communication: This is a great way to calm your baby with your voice until you reach the baby’s room. Since devices with this extra function have microphones and speakers that facilitate communication.

Lullabies: This is a great feature that is present in many baby monitors. That is the lullaby. You can program songs and sounds of nature to calm and lull the baby, in a sound suitable for the baby.

Touchscreen: A touchscreen is ideal for devices that feature the Zoom function, as it makes it much easier. The process of accessing the settings is also facilitated by the touchscreen. 

Compatibility: In our opinion this is one of the most fundamental extra functions for a baby sitter, since it is the compatibility that will allow you to follow everything on different devices, cell phone, notebook and tablet.