How to Learn the Game of Golf

Are you a golf beginner? If so, do you need some tips on golf techniques? The answer is probably yes. Even those who have been playing for a while could use some helpful golf tips and techniques to improve their game.


If you are just starting out, the best advice you can receive is to take some lessons from a golf professional. You can find someone through your local country club, community college or golf course. You can also check your local newspaper.

You really need a pro to teach you the basics in the correct way. If you try to learn on your own without anyone showing you the proper stance, swings, and techniques, you will have a tough time mastering the game.


Once you start taking lessons, you need to be practicing as much as possible. Initially, you can practice at home or out in a field. This way you can get a feel for swinging a golf club and learn how to handle the small shots like putting and chipping without having other people around to make you nervous.

After you are feeling a bit more comfortable with the ball, go to the golf course or driving range and practice there. You can observe others and see what styles and techniques they use. This can be very helpful to you.
As you are learning to play the game of golf, you need to work on developing the muscles in your back and legs. When you swing a golf club, all the power is coming from those areas. Remember, practice is the key and will make all the difference in the world to your golf game.


Choosing golf clubs is a challenge for experienced players and can be even more frustrating for a golf beginner. There are many variables involved in the selection of a golf club, not the least is what your personal needs are.

Golf clubs are available in a wide range of sizes to suit the individual player. A standard club has a smaller head (and small sweet spot) and is the preferred type for golf professionals and those who have plenty of experience on the golf course.

A mid-size golf club has a larger sweet spot and head size than the standard size, making it easier for ball contact. Golf players with intermediate skills usually choose these clubs.

If you are just starting out as a golf beginner, you should choose an over-sized golf club. This type of club has a very large sweet spot making it much easier to hit. You may not have as much control but you will have longer distance.


There are two types of golf clubs, the cast iron club and the forged iron club. The bulk of the weight in the cast iron club is around the border of the head. This creates a bigger sweet spot, making it the preferred club for golf beginners who are challenged by making full contact with the ball.

The forged iron club is heavier with the bulk of the weight at the center of the head. This club is the choice for seasoned golf pros. As your skill and comfort level increase, you will probably want to use this club either in addition to or instead of the cast iron club.

Golf is a game of skill. For most people, however, it is a great stress reliever and is played for fun. Once you have chosen your golf clubs and have mastered the basics of the game, you are ready to go out and have fun on the greens.