Cryptocurrency as a source of the highest profits during the crisis: where to start

Cryptocurrency as a source of the highest profits during the crisis: where to start
Cryptocurrencies, which seem to have appeared on the financial market relatively recently, have
already proven to be a good tool for investment Responsive Website Design. Now in this market segment there are again
tendencies to increase the value of individual assets. Against this background, cryptocurrencies are
again beginning to attract investors.

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Gold crypto market
Despite its relative youth, bitcoin has already established itself as “digital gold”. Thus, in periods of
economic instability or turbulence in the traditional asset market, many investors transfer their
funds to this instrument. It is perceived as a kind of “quiet haven” in which you can hide during
periods of increased market volatility due to the economic consequences of the coronavirus
During the coronavirus pandemic, interest in bitcoin began to grow again. Against this background,
he managed to break the upper psychological mark of 12 thousand dollars. Its market capitalization
exceeded $ 220 billion for the first time since early 2020 and equaled the capitalization of a market
giant such as Netflix.
It is worth noting that the flow of funds not only in bitcoin but also in other cryptocurrencies over
time becomes more significant. Many investors are moving from traditional markets to digital
currency markets, transferring funds to wait for a difficult period in the economy. In particular, since
the beginning of the year, stocks, oil and some currencies have suffered losses, while
cryptocurrencies, on the contrary, have a good tendency to recover. Against this background, it can
safely be said that now the crypto market is experiencing its next heyday.

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How and where to trade
In order to start investing money in the cryptocurrency market and make a profit from it, first of all,
you need to choose a reliable platform for work. One such platform is the Libertex trading platform ,
which is used by more than 2.2 million traders worldwide. Libertex has over 200 different financial
assets and including the most popular cryptocurrencies.
In particular, you can trade assets such as:
 Bitcoin;
 Ethereum;
 Ripple;
 Money;
 Bitcoin Cash.
Thanks to the simple and clear interface, working with the Libertex platform is convenient for both
beginners and experienced traders. In just a few clicks you can top up your account, choose the tool
you need, analyze its dynamics and make a profitable deal. The platform is available as a web
application, as well as mobile applications for phones with iOS and Android operating systems.
Thanks to this, you will always be aware of what is happening with your assets.
One of the key advantages of Libertex is the ability to use a multiplier. It happens to allow you to
increase your profits. For example, using a 1:20 multiplier when changing the bitcoin exchange rate
by only $ 10, your profit could be $ 200. However, it should be used with caution because it also
increases the risks of trade. That is why it is important to choose the right direction of the
agreement. This can be done using Libertex’s built-in technical analysis tools.

Want to start making money on the crypto market? Download the Libertex trading platform to your
mobile phone right now. Take advantage of the growth of the cryptocurrency market and get a
profit in the near future.